DOAG Oracle Monitoring Day

Im Rahmen der DOAG hatte ich die Gelegenheit zwei Vorträge zum Thema Monitoring zu halten. Hier gibt's die Folien und sonstigen Unterlagen zum Download. Vorträge: Oracle DB Monitoring - Was braucht's wirklich?Oracle Monitoring mit Elasticsearch (ELK Stack) Link zu den Folien: Link zur Demo-Konfiguration: Außerdem möchte ich an dieser Stelle auf einen Blog-Artikel... Continue Reading →

SQL*Plus Tricks Vol 2

In my post "SQL*Plus Tricks Vol 1" I mentioned the feature to edit your last SQL command using your preferred editor. Here is another possibility. Trick 5 (see trick 1 to 4 in my previous post "SQL*Plus Tricks Vol 1") You can modify a specific line in your last sql command without using an editor. SQL> l... Continue Reading →

SQL*Plus Tricks Vol 1

SQL*Plus, some love it, some hate it. Let's focus on what SQL*Plus can do and leave the disadvantages aside for now. Here are some of my top tricks to get more out of SQL*Plus. Before getting into the subject, let's have a look at SQL*Plus' help command: SQL> help index Enter Help [topic] for help.... Continue Reading →

SSH Reverse Tunnel – Selfhealing

Reverse tunneling is a big security issue but sometimes you may need it though. Please be very careful! In my case I wanted to test an ELK setup with real data. My filebeats where installed behind a firewall which allowed connections from the logstash server to the filebeat server only. The other direction was blocked.... Continue Reading →


I recently had a challenge with SBT_TAPE interface in RMAN. We were testing a few backups with a new tape solution. For example cloning databases with RMAN and a tape library. After we finished, the tape was disconnected from the server but the backup information where still in the RMAN repository (controlfile). In general you... Continue Reading →

Generate Values in Oracle SQL

I just came across an awesome SQL which I wanted to share with you. This is a SQL query which generates a sequence of values. I often need this when generating "0" (zero) values for graphs. SQL> SELECT level FROM dual CONNECT BY level <= 7;      LEVEL ---------- 1 2 3 4 5 6... Continue Reading →

Install Oracle on Centos 7.5

Thank you very much @MarcoVigelini (Twitter) for sharing this very helpful HowTo. The HowTo is about installing Oracle's preinstallation package without installing Oracle Unbreakable Linux Kernel. I tested this HowTo with Centos 7.5 and Oracle 12cR2. So, here is the Link. Enjoy! Cheers!

Oracle LogMiner

It's an old Oracle feature but still very exciting! Analyzing redo log data gives you very detailed intel about what was going on in your database. Here is a simple example how to start a logminer session: -- Requires supplemental logging alter database add supplemental log data; -- Create test data create table test (id... Continue Reading →

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